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NCF Board Minutes -- OCT. 11, 2020

New Church Family Board of Directors – Oct 11, 2020 Meeting
Attendees: Board members Dennis Brooks, Judi OMelia, Bryan Poaches, Charlene Rywant, Tom Brown, Rev. Bill Dunlap. Absent: Keith Henry. Visitors: Jeff DeYoung, Lois Klammer, Russ Van Allen.
Board President Dennis called the meeting to order in the Jerry Corlis Conference Room at 11:50 a.m. and offered an opening prayer.
Agenda: Judi moved acceptance of the agenda submitted by Dennis, with additional items (World AIDS Day, Teresa’s Kids) offered by Rev. Bill and Tom. Charlene seconded, agenda approved on a voice vote.
September Board Minutes—Judi moved acceptance as submitted by Tom; Bryan seconded, approved by voice vote.
Pastor’s Report – Written report accepted as submitted for the Sept. 13-Oct. 10 period. Tom thanked the pastor for doing 24 visits over the month, noting the increased personal contact was a board priority.
President’s Oral Report – Dennis outlined the Blessing of the Animals event on Oct. 10, and Keith’s hanging of memorial plaques designating the Jeff Farance Library and the Jerry Corlis Conference Room.
Vice President’s Oral Report – Charlene recommended the church consider replacing the refrigerator, which is at least 10 years old, because of its ice-making jams and leaks. The board agreed we will seek a donation first before pricing a used or new appliance. (Width of refrigerator space is 36 inches, per Keith.) Charlene also recommended we consider buying a 10-by-10-foot canopy for outdoor events if we cannot locate the one we had used previously.
Lift Station – Charlene recommended we consider buying a $400 a year service contract for our lift station. In the meantime, we will continue weekly flushing of the sewage line. (The line and lift pump is owned by us, not Volusia County.) No action taken.
Treasurer’s Report – Judi noted that September expenses in the General Fund totaled $2254, while income was $1965, resulting in a $288 shortfall for the month. For the Jan-Sept. 9-month period, however, cumulative income has exceeded expenses by $339. She submitted line-item figures for the General Fund, Building Fund and Benevolence Fund. (on file)
Social Director’s Written Report – Bryan said the church has started collecting food for the Teresa’s Kids project. The church will be mentioning Native Americans and veterans during upcoming services. It also will be reminding members to vote in the November election. Bryan asked the board its intentions for observing Thanksgiving. Dennis and Jeff said they felt the Covid-19 pandemic made it too risky for the church to continue its usual turkey potluck dinner. Rest of board agreed (no formal vote.) We will hope for improved circumstances next fall.
Bryan moved we give our monthly Outstanding Service Award to Wayne McLean for his work on beautifying the sanctuary and helping the pastor update our “Who We Are” brochure for newcomers. Tom seconded. Approved on a voice vote.
Memorials – Covid-19 concerns have delayed potential in-person memorials for Frank Olzewski, Jerry Corlis, Dave Leathers and Jim Cruzan. Tom moved that with the continuing uncertainty about the virus, we plan a joint remembrance of the four deceased members at our Memorial Sunday service in 2021, notifying the families of all four. Charlene seconded. Approved on a voice vote.
Dennis noted we’re still working out details for transferring some of our front-door information to the entrance sign.
 Rev. Bill, Tom and Charlene said they intend to visit the First Step Homeless Shelter at 3889 W. ISB to get acquainted with its program.
 Tom moved we earmark the November Benevolence Collection for the Teresa’s Kids Christmas project. He also moved we authorize the treasurer to release donations left over from 2019, giving the project about a $500 head start. Approved on a voice vote.
 Rev. Bill informed the board that the Community Health organization has asked permission to use our parking lot for a Dec. 1 World AIDS Day outdoor observance. The 7 p.m. event is to be organized and publicized by Community Health. Judi asked that we make sure the sponsor provides an insurance certificate assuming liability for the event. Charlene voted approval of the event, Judi seconded. Approved on a voice vote. The contact person is Bill Hall, 386-301-9309.
 Rev. Bill informed the board he and Wayne will be away for the Nov. 8 service to visit relatives in Ohio. Dennis will arrange a guest preacher.

Next board meeting – The board set noon Nov. 8 for its November meeting. Rev. Bill offered a closing prayer, and the meeting adjourned 1 p.m.

Submitted by Tom Brown, secretary.

Year-end Giving

      As we wrap up 2020 at New Church Family, we are grateful we have been able to continue in-person worship for most of the year. We did suspend services March 22 for several week as a Covid-19 precaution, and reopened in May with stringent sanitation and distanced seating in place. We look forward to the point in 2021 when vaccines become available and we can remove our masks! We all need hugs!

    We recognize that some of our older members have health concerns that have kept them away from church, but we have endeavored to stay in touch with them through YouTube sermons by our new pastor Rev. Bill Dunlap, our Facebook Group (New Church Family of Daytona Beach) and our Word Up newsletter, plus telephone calls, visits to hospitals and nursing homes, home visits when possible, note and cards, and portable Communion.

      Our brief shutdown in the spring did reduce our tithes while building maintenance expenses continued. Cutting expenses wherever possible, we have avoided deficit spending for the past 10 months. If you have been helped and encouraged our ministry from afar, we ask you to consider sending us a year-end gift so we can finish the year in the black. Our mailing address is New Church Family, 3520 W. International Speedway Blvd. Daytona Beach Fl. 32124. You can also make donations through Pay Pal. If you have questions, leave a message for Treasurer Judi Omelia at 386-527-5952.

Board Meeting Highlights -- Oct. 11, 2020

Items discussed at our Oct. 11, 2020 monthly board meeting included:
 Approved the earmarking of the November Benevolence Collection for the Teresa’s Kids project. Bookkeeper Jeff DeYoung reported that about $500 in early donations already has been received.
 Approved a Dec. 1 World AIDS Day program that will be presented at 7 p.m. by Community Outreach in our parking lot. The free event will include HIV testing, prevention information and music, but no barbecue. We are asking the organization to show proof of liability insurance. Community Outreach will handle publicity.
 Discussed whether to sign up for a $400 yearly maintenance policy for our sewage lift station. (The station is our property and our responsibility, not covered by our $515 annual county stormwater fee.) No decision was reached. In the meantime, we will continue flushing our sewage line weekly to make sure the pump performs adequately.
 Discussed our aging refrigerator and its chronic icemaking jams and leaks, a problem since we moved into our building 8 years ago. We will seek a donation of a new or used refrigerator-freezer before considering a purchase. (Our refrigerator space is approx. 32 in. wide.)
 Discussed the possibility of buying a 10-by-10-foot canopy for outdoor events if one isn’t found in our attic.
 Decided that the ongoing Covid-19 crisis forces us to give up our Thanksgiving Sunday potluck tradition. Hopefully, by next fall, a vaccine will allow us to revive the gathering.
 Decided that members who have died in recent months will be honored jointly with special remembrances during our annual Memorial Sunday observance in May. The departed include Frank Olszewski, Jerry Corlis, Dave Leathers and Jim Cruzan. This will be in lieu of individual memorials.

Launching the Teresa's Kids Christmas drive

   New Church Family's board voted Oct. 11 to launch a fundraising drive in November to benefit the Teresa's Kids Christmas charity. And on Nov. 8, the board presented a $1,000 check to kick off the 2020 campaign.

   Teresa Wright, a church member who is a social worker for the Volusia school system, each year identifies several families who need toys, clothing and food for their children during the Christmas season. She focuses on families who haven't been helped by the bigger charities, such as Toys for Tots. All of our Nov. 1 monthly Benevolence Fund collection was donated to the project, along with some funds leftover from the 2019 campaign. We will continuing accepting donations through November and December -- please make your check payable to New Church Family if you wish to claim a tax deduction for your gift.  We also will have a bin in our lobby for those who wish to bring in canned goods or new or like-new kids' clothing and toys.A gift-wrapping work bee is scheduled for Dec. 13 after our Sunday service.

    In past years, we've been able to raise at least $1,000 for this cause. This year, with rising unemployment, the need will be greater.

NCF Board Minutes -- Aug. 9, 2020


BOARD MEMBERS ATTENDING: Dennis Brooks, Judi OMelia, Keith Henry, Bryan Poaches, Tom Brown. Absent: Charlene Rywant, illness. Spectators: Jeff DeYoung, Rev. Bill Dunlap, Wayne McLean.

President Dennis called the meeting to order in the conference room at 11:49 a.m. and offered an opening prayer. Attendees wore masks as a Covid-19 precaution.
Agenda: Keith moved acceptance as submitted; Bryan seconded. Accepted on voice vote.
July board Minutes: Keith moved acceptance as submitted; Judi seconded. Accepted on a voice vote.
President’s Report: Dennis briefly outlined efforts to keep the building sanitary.
Agenda Update: Keith moved that all Old Business be tabled; Tom seconded. Approved on voice vote.
Treasurer’s Report: Jeff distributed July and Jan.-July financial reports, noting that July income was affected by the cancellation of one service because of a hurricane warning. Jeff reported noted that our insurance agent Mel Himes quoted us $561 to provide a year of mandatory workers compensation insurance for four paid staff (pastor) bookkeeper, cleaner and landscaper. He said the quote was slightly lower than last year’s expense. Keith moved approval of the purchase; Bryan seconded. Approved on a voice vote. Jeff also reported that Volusia County has informed us that a developer plans to build an RV park on vacant land near our western property line. A county hearing was held and the project was approved. We are pursuing details.

(Detailed line-item financial reports are available at church for review.)

Building & Grounds Report: Keith is working on obtaining alarm system batteries. He is checking on a possible lift station problem after Char reported a sewage odor two weeks ago. He will contact the Daytona Beach Utilities Dept. to see if the station’s pump is malfunctioning. If so, the contractor who installed the pump will be contacted. Keith suggested a plexiglass version of our starburst logo be fastened to our entrance sign to make it more weatherproof. He also is checking on the cost of getting the ground lighting near the sign operating again. Regarding locks, he displayed four programmable door locks that can be rekeyed whenever the need arises, at no additional cost. He is updating a list of emergency church contacts for the Habitech alarm company.
Social director: Bryan reported he and Char are working on updating member contact information. Members will have the option of listing a next of kin and a doctor if they desire. Contact information is kept confidential. T-shirts are to be ordered soon, and should be available for the Sept. 6 Church Pride Sunday. Bryan noted the pastor has suggested a “Blessing of the Animals” event in early October. Tom reported two memorial plaques honoring Jeff Farance and Jerry Corlis have been ordered from Signs of the Times in New Smyrna Beach. A donation is covering the cost.

NEW BUSINESS – Finalizing of pastoral covenant. Rev. Bill said the proposed covenant was broadly acceptable to him. His main concern was whether a 20-hour work week is realistic for monitoring the church phone 24/7. Dennis responded that the board is trying to make the pastor’s schedule as flexible as possible. The pastor will have discretion to decide which calls are true emergencies – such as hospitalizations – and which are cases of loneliness. He said board members are willing to assist with visits to the extent that hospital rules allow them during the Covid-19 emergency. Dennis, who has been monitoring the phone since Rev. Donna’s resignation in February, said he has had to handle only a couple of church emergency calls over 5 months. Tom suggested we play it by ear – if the pastor becomes overloaded with chitchat calls, board members can help in responding to them. Rev. Bill said his focal point will be Sunday morning, when the congregation is all together, and he can touch base with many members. He added that he intends to hold office hours at the church for at least part of a weekday. He noted that sermon preparation usually takes 10 hours or more. Tom noted that 3 congregational surveys in recent years all underscored that members’ No. 1 desire from church is a powerful sermon. Keith noted that the board intends to take care of financial and property issues. They won’t be part of the pastor’s workload. Regarding benefits, Rev. Bill said he may want leeway to take an extra week of unpaid vacation this year if the pandemic allows him and Wayne to travel north. Board members said that would be no problem. The covenant will run until Jan 31, 2021, and then will be automatically renewed through Jan. 31, 2022, if the pastor and board agree. A further term as pastor will require congregational approval at the Annual Meeting in Feb. 2022. The covenant will be signed next Sunday, Aug. 16.
Next Board Meeting – The September monthly meeting was set for Sept 13 after service.
ADJOURNMENT – Judi moved for adjournment, at 1:30 p.m., Keith seconded. Approved on a voice vote. Rev. Bill led us in closing prayer.

Submitted by Tom Brown, secretary

NCF Hires Rev. Dunlap as Pastor

The board of New Church Family announced Sunday, Aug. 16, that it has hired the Rev. William K. Dunlap as its part-time pastor. Rev. Bill, 66, is an ordained minister of United Church of Christ with more than 35 years of experience at UCC (Congregational) churches in Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio and Indiana. NCF will continue its ministry as a nondenominational Christian church, welcoming people of all faith backgrounds as well as the unchurched.

A covenant between Rev. Bill and the board calls for the pastor to work a 20-hour week, with emphasis on Sunday worship. He also will be available for emergency needs, such as hospital and hospice visits.

Rev. Bill has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Westfield State College in Massachusetts and a divinity degree from Andover Newton Theological School. He and his partner Wayne McLean reside in Deltona. Until early 2019, he served as a supply pastor at Deltona UCC. He joined NCF as an interim pastor in May and was approved by the congregation for the pastor’s position in July.
Rev. Bill is the 10th clergy person to lead NCF since it was founded in 1986. He succeeds the Rev. Donna Choate, who retired in February after six years as lay leader and pastor. The church has been worshiping at 3520 W. International Speedway Blvd, near the I-4 intersection, since 2012 and has an active membership of about 40.

Special Congregation Meeting Minutes -- June 28, 2020

New Church Family Special Congregational Meeting -- June 28 2020
NCF Board President Dennis Brooks called the special congregational meeting to order at 11:35 a.m. in the church sanctuary. Following a show of hands and a ballot sign-in, Dennis certified that 15 of the church’s 28 voting members in good standing were present, more than satisifying the 20 percent quorum requirement.
Agenda: Keith Henry moved acceptance of the agenda prepared by the board and posted two weeks ago. Teresa Wright seconded. Tom Brown moved the agenda be expanded by adding Item 3A – That the congregation wishes to dedicate the church library in memory of Jeff Farance and the church conference room in memory of Jerry Corlis. Charlene Rywant seconded the amendment, accepted by a voice vote. The amended agenda was then accepted on a voice vote.
Dedications: Charlene Rywant moved approval of the two dedications proposed by Tom. Judi Omelia seconded. Approved on a voice vote.
Special Board Elections: Dennis noted three of the six board seats have become vacant since the Annual Meeting in February. Nominees were needed to fill out the terms of Jerry Corlis and Colette Bernard, both expiring February 2022; and the term of Bonnie Frazee, expiring February 2021. Charlene Rywant and Judi Omelia said they are willing to serve until Feb. 2022; Tom Brown said he would commit to serving until February 2021. There was brief discussion of the impact of a year-old bylaw that forbids board members from being compensated for performing board duties. Jeff De Young, NCF’s paid bookkeeper, noted the bylaw prevented him from seeking a board seat. He recommended the congregation reconsider the bylaw next year. Dennis noted that Judi’s cleaning stipend could continue since the bylaws do not make cleaning an official board duty.
Pastoral Search: Dennis, speaking on behalf of the Pastoral Search Committee, recommended the congregation issue a call to Rev. William Dunlap, currently serving as interim pastor. Dennis said the committee felt that Rev. Bill was the best qualified of the 3 candidates who formally applied for the position. (The other two were Chaplain David Jolly and lay minister Alice Lewis.) Dennis noted Rev. Bill has been active in planning worship – choosing Bible passages and recommending hymns and prayers – and Rev. Bill’s partner, Wayne McLean, has been helping with greeting and Communion. Dennis also noted a background check gave Rev. Bill a perfect report. Two other search committee members – Russ Van Allen and Bryan Poaches, said they had made telephone calls and received positive reports about Rev. Bill from churches where he formerly served. Teresa commended Rev. Bill’s sermons and Bible knowledge. Bonnie questioned whether members have had enough time to evaluate Rev. Bill and ask about his plans for the church. Others noted members have been conversing informally with Rev. Bill for several weeks. Dennis clarified that issuing a call did not mean Rev. Bill is hired immediately; the board will start negotiating with Rev. Bill on a two-year covenant spelling out his compensation and part-time duties.
VOTES: Dennis then asked members to fill out secret ballots for the board and pastor and deposit them in a jar. Jeff De Young and Jim Bradley served as voting tellers.
Jeff announced these results: Board seats: Judi Omelia – 12 yes; 2 no; 1 abstention; Charlene Rywant 12 yes; 2 no; 1 abstention; Tom Brown, 15 yes. All three were elected.
Pastor (75 percent majority required) – 14 for Rev. Bill Dunlap; 1 write-in for “Mickey Mouse.” Rev. Bill to be called.
Dennis gave a closing prayer. Don Brown moved for adjournment; Jim Bradley seconded. Meeting adjourned 12:20 p.m.

NCF Board Minutes -- July 12, 2020

New Church Family Board of Directors Meeting – July 12, 2020
Board Member Attendees: Dennis Brooks, Bryan Poaches, Keith Henry, Charlene Rywant, Tom Brown. Absent: Judi OMelia, ill. Others attending: Jeff DeYoung.
Dennis called the meeting to order in the boardroom at noon and gave an opening prayer.
A proposed agenda was amended by adding item 11E, Trash Expense. Tom moved acceptance, Bryan seconded. Accepted by voice vote. Previous minutes for the June monthly meeting, Special Congregational Meeting and Organizational Meeting – Bryan moved acceptance; Keith seconded; accepted on a voice vote. Tom asked board members to notify him if they notice any changes needed.
Pastor’s Report – None.
President’s Report – Dennis said he will ask the board at a later date to consider bylaw changes (see below.) Regarding worship segments, Dennis said Rev. Bill prefers not to prepare PowerPoint files, but supplies prayers, Scripture passages and music suggestions.
Vice President’s Report – Charlene said so far 15 t-shirts with the church’s starburst cross logo are on order. Delivery is expected in about a month. Char said she and Bryan are working on updating membership contact information. She noted our church is helping UCC New Smyrna with aspects of its ministry to the homeless, including donations of surplus clothing.
Treasurer’s Report – Jeff, as bookkeeper, handed out financial reports for June and the Jan-June period. He noted both income and expenses are under budget, but the church is running a surplus of about $1250 for the six-month period.
Building & Grounds – Keith will arrange for obtaining new lock tumblers and keys. We are updating our list of which people respond to the church’s alarm system.
Social Director’s Report – At Teresa Wright’s suggestion, the church is holding off on collecting back to school supplies. Other organizations are working on this project. In observance of Church Pride Month during September, members will be encouraged to wear church T-shirts and/or buttons on Sept. 4.
PLAQUES -- Tom offered to research cost of memorial plaques honoring Jeff Farance and Jerry Corlis. Board authorized him to make a purchase at reasonable cost.
MARQUEE -- Jeff will seek quotes for adding the new church logo to the entrance sign. It would be positioned approximately where the old logo previously was displayed.
WORKERS COMP – Jeff will check with the church’s insurance agent Mel Himes on whether workers comp insurance is required or recommended for the pastor, bookkeeper and landscaper.
FINANCIAL SIGS – Charlene will organize a date for board members to report to a SunTrust branch. The signers will be Dennis, Judi, Charlene, and Keith. Keith also will join Judi as a signer on the Morgan Stanley investment account. Bonnie Frazee, former board member, will no longer have signing authority.
WORD UP SURVEY – Tom distributed handouts summarizing responses from 11 people who took part in a newsletter survey. (Word Up has more than 600 subscribers.) He said the board can discuss the summary at a later point if it wishes.
VIDEOS – Tom said he and Slava, our video tech, would like to make two brief videos – one showing our sanctuary with spaced seating and other virus precautions, the other would introduce Rev. Bill as our pastor after his covenant is finalized and approved. Slava is volunteering his services. Members as usual will be given the option of not being photographed. Dennis moved approval, Charlene seconded. Accepted on a voice vote.
BYLAW AMENDMENTS – Dennis said he will ask the board at a later point to consider changing bylaws pertaining to notifications of special board meetings. Also, he would like to correct ambiguity on how absentee votes can be cast at congregational meetings. Jeff will ask the next Annual Meeting to reconsider the bylaw that forbids board members to receive compensation related to their duties.
TRASH – Jeff noted Republic Services’ monthly bill for weekly trash pick-up jumped from $72 in May to $94 in June. POST-MEETING UPDATE – Judi notified the board that she contacted Republic and reduced the pick-up schedule to every other week, which will reduce the monthly bill for $54.
COVENANT – The board informally discussed terms of a covenant draft prepared by Dennis that will be presented to Rev. Bill for further negotiation. The board amended the term of the covenant to synchronize it with the church’s Annual Meeting schedule. With the change, the initial phase of the covenant would run from Aug. 1, 2020, through Feb. 1, 2021. The board will then have authority to extend the covenant an additional year to Feb. 1, 2022. Any further extension of the covenant would require affirmation by board and congregation. Compensation figures for a 20-hour part-time work week were approved as submitted in the draft, but the board will let the pastor decide whether the compensation is reported as a salary, stipend and/or housing allowance. A provision concerning overtime was deleted. The board agreed to let the pastor set his own working hours and locations beyond the four hours required for Sunday
MEETING DATE – Aug 9 was set for the next board meeting.
Dennis gave a closing prayer and board adjourned at 1:51 p.m.

Buck-a-Book Benefit Sale

     KingChamp Books, an online used-book store operated by Tom Brown, is running a clearance sale to benefit New Church Family. Any book priced at $5 or less can be purchased for just $1 and all proceeds will benefit the church. Save shipping fees by taking delivery at church. Our inventory of 3,000 books is mostly non-fiction, but we also have mysteries, GLBTQ novels, religion, cookbooks, Hollywood biographies, self-help and much more. Browse and send your shopping list to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Payments: Cash, check, money order or Pay Pal (You can use a credit card with Pay Pal.). Questions, contact Tom at 386-576-6671.

NCF Board Meeting June 7, 2020 -- Minutes

NEW CHURCH FAMILY Board of Directors Meeting June 7, 2020 -- MINUTES
Attendees: Board Members -- Dennis Brooks, Bryan Poaches and Keith Henry. Absent: Bonnie Frazee. Two board seats are vacant.
Visitors: Judi Omelia, Charlene Rywant, Lois Klammer, Dave McBride, Jeff De Young, Russ Van Allen, Sharon Mitchell, Tom Brown.
Dennis Brooks, presiding, called the meeting to order in the NCF sanctuary at 12:10 p.m. and gave an opening prayer. Dennis asked Tom Brown to record minutes in the absence of a board secretary. Distanced seating was observed.
Keith moved approval of an agenda submitted by Dennis; Bryan seconded. Accepted on a voice vote.
Bryan moved approval of the minutes of the March 8 board meeting, the last formal board meeting held before the church suspended operations March 22 because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Keith seconded. Accepted by a voice vote. Dennis noted the March 8 meeting was recorded by Bonnie, and summarized as minutes by himself.
Pastor’s report – Tabled.
President’s Report – Dennis touched on several recent changes in the church: the death of board vice president and church co-founder Jerry Corlis, 83; Charlene Rywant has volunteered to take over many of Jerry’s duties, including maintaining membership and attendance records and the greeting-card ministry; special cleaning to sanitize the church; temporary limits on kitchen use during the pandemic; revival of Game Days, and Dennis’s request that Rev. Bill Dunlap, a pastoral applicant, fill in as interim pastor while the Pastoral Search Committee continues its work.
Vice President’s Report – Tabled
Treasurer’s Report – In the treasurer’s absence, Bookkeeper Jeff DeYoung distributed financial reports he compiled for March, April and May, and a Year to Date recap as of May 31. He noted that the church has achieved a surplus of $652 on tithes and income totaling $7180 for the January- to-May period. He said most of the tithes have come from the core group of about 25 regular attenders this year. The treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted.
Building and grounds – No items requiring board action.
Social Director – Nothing to report.
Cookbook project – Tabled
Marquee enhancement – Dennis noted that Bonnie had not yet submitted a quote for a marquee redesign (i.e. adding our starburst cross logo to the entrance sign.) Keith reported that Stan R. has donated a magnetic vinyl banner to cover the original sign, but metal plates are needed to anchor the banner. Jeff questioned whether the banner would be hurricane-proof. Dennis will confer with Stan on the next step needed for this project.
Parking lot painting -- Stan has completed some of the striping. Dave noted two handicapped spaces still have to be painted, and yellow paint applied to curbing and bump stops. Jeff noted paint is on hand and the project is close to completion.
Jeff Farance Library Plaque – No quote has been received from Bonnie yet on a plaque purchase. Bryan moved that the church also purchase a Jerry Corlis dedication plaque for the conference room in anticipation of the congregation approving both dedication proposals later this month. Keith seconded. Approved by voice vote.
Pastoral Search Committee Report: Dennis said the committee is getting close to making a recommendation to the board on calling a pastor. If the board agrees with the recommendation, the proposal would be presented to a Congregational Meeting, along with terms of a pastoral covenant (salary, benefits, hours, etc.)
A. Congregational Meeting: The board approved Dennis’ scheduling of a congregational meeting after the worship service June 28 to fill board vacancies and possibly to vote on calling a pastor. Dave reminded the board it will have to update its voting list prior to the meeting.
B. Cleaning: Keith moved the church continue paying Judi Omelia $50 a week for cleaning services. Bryan seconded. Dennis remarked that weekly cleaning is necessary because of ongoing pandemic concerns. Approved by a voice vote.
C. Memorials: Plans to hold memorial services for Jerry Corlis and Frank Olszewski were tabled. The church is waiting to hear from relatives of the two men on when they may feel safe to travel to Daytona.
D. Lawn service: Dennis reported Brion, our landscaping contractor, is willing to sign a waiver of liability (i.e. an agreement not to file a claim against the church if he is injured on the job). Dennis noted another lawn firm submitted a quote to the church, but Brion’s price remains lower.
E. Morgan Stanley Account – Jeff reported that with board turnover in recent months, we have Bonnie as the only board member who is a signer of the M-S investment account, currently worth about $45,000. Keith moved we withdraw Bonnie’s authority to sign pending further changes in the board’s make-up; seconded by Bryan, approved by a voice voice. Judi Omelia continues as a signer on the account from her previous service on the board.
F. Status of Treasurer – Dennis reported that Bonnie has failed to perform many of the duties of treasurer since February, leaving it to the bookkeeper and president to sign checks, count tithes, make deposits, prepare financial reports and oversee bills. Dennis said pastoral applicant Alice Lewis had emailed Bonnie about the church’s eligibility for Payroll Protection grants from the federal government, and Bonnie had failed to relay that information to the board. He said she also has failed to respond to other emails and telephone messages. There was lengthy discussion about whether Bonnie should be sent a warning letter or simply dismissed from the board. Dennis remarked he felt he no longer could work with Bonnie, and noted that several church members have complained about her attitude. Judi read a church bylaw that says the board has broad authority to discipline or dismiss any church leader who fails to perform duties. Keith moved that the board dismiss Bonnie from office. Bryan seconded, Approved on a 3-0 vote. Bryan moved that the board inform Bonnie of her dismissal by sending her a registered letter, signed by the three other board members. Keith seconded. Approved 3-0. Under church bylaws, the treasurer has the right to appeal the dismissal to a congregational meeting.


Jeff reminded the building manager to change air-conditioning filters as needed. He also urged that a roll of carpeting sitting in the library be moved elsewhere because people are tripping over it. He also noted there is uncertainty about who possesses keys to the church. Bryan moved that we review and update the key list, and change lock tumblers after board vacancies are filled. Keith seconded. Approved by a voice voice.

Next meeting: Dennis recommended July 12 noon for the board’s next monthly meeting. Accepted on a voice voice.

Dave McBride gave a closing prayer, and meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.

Submitted by Tom Brown, volunteer.

NCF's 2020 Memorial Roll

2020 MEMORIAL ROSTER—New Church Family
For our 2020 Memorial observance, we pause to remember these 91 departed members and friends who have supported our church since its founding in 1986.
Billie Abner, Bruce Austin, Jeff Allen.
Bill Ballon, Jim Bebee, Ron Bergeron, Billie Boots, Dennis Blyth, Sally Brayton, Carl A. Brown, Brunhilda, Rev. James Buchanan, Jim Burkhalter, Cecil Burnette.
John Cadzo, Alan Columbia, Barbara Cook, Jerry Corlis, Marty Cox, Helene Coyne, Rick Croley, Ruth Cronk.
Tom Damron, Matthew Dilworth, Donnie Dudenhoffer, Kirk Dudenhoffer
Jeff Farance. Bill Finn, Eve & Eric Gillin, Ed Grinsell, Mark Haseman. Hazel Holt, Robert Hunold.
Aris Johnson, Fay Kelley, Lowell Kelm, David Kennedy & Bonnie Kennedy, Scott Kline. Walter Konak. Gerald Legg, Gloria Lesko, Rev. Jean Levy.
Helen Martell, Gretchen Martin, Gayle Meade, Michael McCray, Rev. Beau McDaniels, Dennis Moreno, Rev. Ted Morgan. William L. Murphy. Donna "Mom" Morris.
Linda Nelson, Gil O'Donnell, Frank Olzewski. Mary Agnes Page. Roy Panella. Rocky Wayne Pickett, Rev. Larry Ponder, Rev. Carol Pyles.
Robert Quantino. Bill Rebola. Jack Reed. Tom Reynolds. Charles Rigoll. Rev. John Rogers. Tim Ryan.
Holly Ann Scott, Tony Silvestro. Gene Sims. Michael Smolen. Jack Snyder. Al Steady. Rev. Steve Steele. Mark Sverha.
Nicole Turner, Mary Ann Taylor
Will Verick, Clarence Vion, Larry Vion, Jeff Walker, Rev. Tim Ward, Jackson Weaver, Stan Wetherald, Douglas Whiton, Margaret Wickham, Edmond J. Wieckowski, Chuck Wilford, Steve Womack, Bill Zimmerman


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