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New Church Family held its 2019 annual business meeting Feb. 24, with about half of its 73 members attending and President Dave McBride presiding. Our quorum rule requires at least 20 percent attendance to transact business.
Three church members were elected to two-year terms on the NCF board. They are incumbent Judi OMelia, elected to a second term, and Bob Austin and Bonnie “T-Bear” Frazee, each elected to an initial two-year term. Angel Ocasio was elected board alternate. As an alternate, Angel will fill any vacancy that happens to occur in the coming year.
After the congregational meeting, the new board met briefly and elected Judi OMelia as president, succeeding Dave McBride, who retired from the board. Bob Austin was elected secretary and Bonnie Frazee was elected to the new post of Manager of Building and Grounds. Charlene Rywant continues as vice president and membership director, and Jeff DeYoung, continues as treasurer. Jerry Nelson was named coordinator of the church calendar and social events, another new position.
Rev. Donna Choate continues as our pastor and spiritual guide. She is in the second year of a two-year covenant for pastoral direction. Jerry Corlis, our member with the longest membership record (since our founding in 1986) continues as a non-voting board member emeritus.
The board gave certificates of appreciation to Dave McBride and Gil Jordan for their past service to the board.
Members unanimously approved a 2019 operating budget of $37,325 – down from the 2018 budget of $39,030, but up from actual 2018 spending of $36,123. The biggest new expense is a $605 line item to pay for workers compensation insurance. Compensation for the pastor and treasurer remains at the 2018 levels. The tithing target was set at $33,095, compared to the 2018 target of $36,030 and the actual 2018 receipts of $26,150. Fundraisers, donations of supplies, and income from investments will be relied upon to supplement the tithes. Detailed line-item copies of the budget are available at church.
In other business, members overwhelmingly approved several bylaw amendments after more than an hour of discussion. The amendments:
 Require all church members to have at least six months of frequent church attendance and other forms of service to receive or continue to have voting privileges. The board assured the congregation that allowances will be made for members who miss services because of illness, work on Sunday, or seasonal residence. The amendment was approved 27-1.
 Require a notice be issued at least two weeks in advance of any congregational meetings. Approved unanimously.
 Created new board oversight duties (building & grounds; social events) Approved unanimously.
 Changed term limits for board service from two consecutive terms to three consecutive terms, approved unanimously.
 Approved a requirement for board members, starting in 2020, to serve as unpaid volunteers. Compensation for the treasurer will continue during 2019.

Church members voted to continue pursuing a list of goals that was adopted in 2018. These include congregational growth, outreach, fellowship and youth instruction. A goal that was added at the annual meeting was to discuss placing a cardiac defibrillator in the church building and training church members in its use.
The meeting adjourned after two hours of discussion.

(Submitted by Tom Brown)

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