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NCF Board Highlights of May 8, 2019 Meeting
(From condensed minutes; the full text of the minutes is available at the church office)
Board members present: Bob Austin; Bonnie T-Bear Frazee; Charlene Rywant; Jerry Nelson, Jeff DeYoung; Judi Omelia; Rev. Donna Choate. Guests present: Tom B., Frank O., Jim B., Stan R.
Meeting called to order 5:09 p.m. by Judi, board president, presiding.
April 3 board minutes, agenda and several reports accepted.
Pastor reported she is asking the state to post “Church Entrance” signs on US 92 to help slow up traffic. Char is gathering emergency contact information sheets from members willing to have the church keep them on file. Treasurer reported the year-to-date deficit stands at $363. A year ago, at this point, it was $2,000. Building manager (T-Bear) reported she is awaiting a county inspection that will determine whether we have to buy 6 small trees to replace the large pine we removed from the front lawn. She is optimistic our woods in the rear of our property will meet our tree requirement. She is seeking a large wicker basket to hold our artificial indoor tree.
OLD BUSINESS – Cookbook ad prices have been set as follows: $20 for a one-line name listing; business card, $25; half page $50; full page $100. Final editing of cookbook pages is under way.
LOGO – Stan presented a preliminary design of a cross positioned against a rainbow-colored starburst. The tweaking continues.
NEW BUSINESS – A memorial roll of 86 deceased members will be presented at Memorial Day weekend’s Sunday Service.
A carpet sample book was passed around at the May 5 congregational forum, and most members favored on particular color. The building manager will seek bids for purchase and installation.
SAFETY: Char will lead a committee that will come up with a church evacuation plan in the event of fire or a shooting. Other safety measures discussed were door peepholes and a 90-degree convex mirror outside the front entrance so we can see who is ringing our doorbell. We discussed having a church member with a concealed carry permit bring his or her weapon to church as a precaution. The board, at the pastor’s recommendation, decided against this measure.
Father’s Day – Frank O. and Jerry N. will plan a fathers’ recognition event for the Father’s Day service.
CPR Training – Rev. Donna is seeking quotes. Red Cross training would cost $858 to have 8 people trained in defribillator use. Further discussion tabled until the next meeting.
Parking lot painting – The board approved yellow as a color for bump stocks and curbs near shrubs. Parking space lines will be white.
Back-door ramp – Char suggested a ramp would help with loading and unloading of large items. Others felt the front patio ramp is sufficient. On motion of T-Bear, the board voted 5-1 against adding a back ramp.
Surplus organ – Tom B. asked whether the unused spare organ in the front corner of the sanctuary will be included in the upcoming yard sale. Char is checking to see if a start-up church wants it as a donation. If not, the organ will be available for sale.
June board meeting will be June 5 at 5 p.m. Meeting adjourned at 6:51 p.

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