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New Church Family Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2019
Board members present: Bob A.; Jerry N.; Judi O.; Charlene R.; Rev. Donna C.; Jerry C.; Bonnie “T-
Bear” F. (Jeff D on sabbatical.).  Guests present: Frank O.; Dave M.; Jim B.; Pam B.; Tom B.

Judi, board president, called the meeting to order at 5:09 p.m. Rev. Donna led opening prayer.

Pastor's Report: Key Points – Emergency Contact information form  was shown to the
Board. New Confidential Membership agreement was shown to the Board. Women's Ministry
is to be reconfigured in the fall. Rev, Donna  asked the board to roll back the pastor's hours to 24 a week in light of board members now handling Wednesday office duties. Motion by Bob A. to approve the request and change the pastoral covenant accordingly. Charlene seconded, approved by a voice vote. Rev, Donna noted that negotiations for a 2020 pastoral covenant will begin shortly.

A written treasurer's report was distributed.

Building report -- Bonnie circulated 3 bids received for new carpeting, and discussed their pros and cons. Bids ranged from $3913, to $6836 depending on the square footage to be covered and thickness of the material. Several details need clairifying and more bids may be sought. The capret fund has $5152 available. Bonnie also noted the parking lot striping project is continuing.

Events: Social director Jerry N. noted these events are on the calendar: Rocketman concert at the Daytona bandshell June 8; Father's Day Potlukc at church June 16; Pulse Remembrance ceremony in downtown DeLand on June 12; NCF pancake breakfast Aug 11, featuring pineappe upside down pancakes.
 Logo:  There was further inspection and discusion of a Cross Starburst design developed by Stan. The project is nearing completion. Board members will be emailed a request for final approval.
Safety -- Charlene R. reported that South Daytona Police Dept. offers a CPR course without certification for $25. A person can be certified by passing an online course and paying addition $35. Volusia County Sheriff's office will assist us in drawing up an evacuation plan in the event of a fire or shooting incident.The Volusia County Fire Department willwork with us on outdoor reduce brush fire hazards.

Hope Place Volunteer opportunities: Tom B. ia awating details from the shelter's volunteer coordinator.

Prayers of the People -- In a lengthy discussion, board members agreed with the pastor we should let members continue voicing their concerns as the spirit leads them,  including painful memories of rejections and assaults. . The board also agreed that youngsters in the congregation should be protected againt X-rated stories they are too young to understand.  The prayer leader, assisted by the pastor and others, will intervene if a person gets overly emotional and might need private comforting. Rev. Donna said she hopes by early July, a faith-based therapist will be available to help church members work through their personal issues in weekday group sessions.

A discussion of new fundraising activites was tabled.

Facebook: Board members discussed details of the board's continued monitoring of our Facebook group. The board agreed the page remains off-limits to commercial promotions and political statements. FB membership requests have to come from the person seeking membership, not from a third party, and applicants must state why they want to join.

Memorial -- Board approved Jerry N's motion to dedicate our library in memory of Jeff Farance. It also approved Charlene's motion to update the angels' plaque as needed.
A change in the church's vision statement was tabled so it can be discussed at a July 28 congregational forum.

The July board meeting was set for July 3 at 5 p.m.  Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.
    (Compiled by Tom Brown from a draft of the minutes. The full text of the minutes with additional details is available at the church office.)

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