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ATTENDEES: Board members Dennis Brooks, Charlene Rywant, Judi OMelia, Bryan Poaches, Tom Brown, Rev. William Dunlap. Absent: Keith Henry. Visitors: David McBride, Jeff DeYoung.
CALL to ORDER & REPORTS: Dennis Brooks, president, called the meeting to order at 11:56 a.m. in the Corlis Conference Room, and led opening prayer. Judi moved acceptance of the agenda submitted by Dennis; Bryan seconded. Accepted by a voice vote. Minutes of the November board meeting were corrected (changing a name from Dennis to Bryan). Bryan moved acceptance; Charlene seconded. Accepted by a voice vote.
PASTOR – Rev. Bill handed out a written summary of his church activities October through mid-December.
PRESIDENT – Dennis noted the church’s recent accomplishments: drafting of a new church information brochure by Wayne & Rev. Bill; raising more than $1600 for the Teresa’s Kids Christmas gift-giving project; and delivery of more donated men’s clothing, estimated value of $200, to the First Step homeless shelter. Dennis noted many churches are watching our experience with in-person services, which we resumed in May, so far with no further cases of Covid 19 virus. He also mentioned the Word AIDS Day observance in our parking lot has received pledges of $700 in sponsorships, and a portion may be shared with the church.
VICE PRESIDENT – Char is working on organizing a “phone tree” with each board member assigned several names to contact once a month. This will help us keep in touch with people not attending church on a regular basis. Char moved approval of the project; Judi seconded; approved on a voice voice.
Char said Sharron has volunteered to take over our greeting-card outreach. Quotes received on refrigerators so far have ranged by $279 to $590. Dennis made a motion that we set our target price for a refrigerator at $400, plus $50 more for delivery and removal of the old refrigerator. Judi seconded; approved on a voice vote.
TREASURER – Judi noted she has been filling in as building and grounds manager temporarily. She will contact Keith about completing the re-keying of our locks. Our Dec. 5 Clean-Up Day attracted only two volunteers (Judi & Char). A bicycle run on US 92 that day interfered with access to the church. We will try to organize another clean up project in the new year. Judi cited as our most pressing needs the replacement or repair of our attic stairs, and the need for crushed rock to fill in eroded places along our western wall. Charlene will pursue quotes on both projects. Judi will seek a quote for cleaning out our gutters, saying she may be able to get the gutter work done for $75.
Judi said she is researching the terms of transferring the church’s operating accounts from SunTrust Bank to Space Coast Credit Union, and will keep the board informed. Bryan moved that Judi be given authority to transfer the accounts at hear discretion. Tom seconded; approved by voice vote.
SOCIAL DIRECTOR: Bryan handed out a list of special recognitions coming up for December through April. He moved board approval for two presentations scheduled for January. (UPDATE: Teresa Wright will receive the Human Rights Award, while Slava Melnikov, Charlene Rywant and Lois Klammer will receive monthly Outstanding Service Awards. ) Tom seconded, approved by a voice vote. Bryan said a human rights plaque to be presented in January will cost about $70. Dennis moved that Bryan be reimbursed for the $70 expense; Tom seconded, approved by a voice vote.
2021 BUDGET DRAFT – Bookkeeper Jeff presented, for discussion only, a draft of two 2021 budgets (Operating and Building) that would authorize spending of $31,005, about the same as the 2020 budgets of $30,750. (Actual spending in 2020 year to date has been under $24,000 so far.) He noted the church may run a deficit of $6,000 or more unless it boosts income through tithing and/or fundraisers or other sources. The board’s vote on the budget is scheduled for the January board meeting.
MEETING DATES – Dennis proposed the board meet Jan. 17 to finalize items for the Annual meeting. The Annual Meeting would be held on Feb. 7. Dates were approved on a voice vote. The board discussed which board seats are up for election. Church records will be checked to verify, but it appears at least 3 or 4 of the 6 seats are slated for election or re-election.
REALTOR CALL – Rev. Bill notified the board that a realtor contacted him to discuss a possible purchase of wetlands on the west side of our property. Dennis and Tom will contact the realtor to get details of the request.
ADJOURNMENT – Judi moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:15. Dennis seconded; approved on voice vote. Rev. Bill offered a closing prayer.

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