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MINUTES – April 11, 2021
Attendees – Board Members: Charlene Rywant, Bryan Poaches, Rev. Donna Choate, Tom Brown. Absent: Judi Omelia, ill. Other attendees: Jeff DeYoung, Lois Klammer, Bonnie Frazee, Dave McBride, and Heather Choate.
Charlene, as acting president, called the meeting to order at 11:45 a.m. in the Conference Room. She offered an opening prayer. Bryan moved acceptance of the agenda. Accepted by a voice vote as submitted. Bryan moved acceptance of the March 7 minutes. Accepted by a voice vote as submitted.
PASTOR – Rev. Donna reported more than 30 people attended our in-person Easter Service. Attendance is gradually growing as the virus situation improves.
VICE PRESIDENT – Charlene notified the board she will be traveling in Georgia for a week. She thanked Bryan, Dave, Teresa Wright and others for their help with worship services. Board members will take turns monitoring the church’s cell phone and alerting the pastor as needed.
TREASURER – Bookkeeper Jeff D. submitted financial reports through March. He noted tithes are lagging expenses as the church continues to experience the impact of Covid virus precautions. There was discussion of our $30-a-month cellphone service. Dave will check on whether we would qualify for a cheaper rate (approx. $14 a month) from Spectrum. It was noted that a recent month of service generated only 7 calls, all of them telemarketing-related. Bonnie said she will update our Morgan Stanley investment account by contacting their office and removing her name as a signer. Discussion of possibly switching the church’s operating accounts from SunTrust to Space Coast Credit Union was tabled because of the treasurer’s illness. Dave noted a change of church locks has been been completed as no expense to the church.
PROPERTY – Dave has brought 18 buckets of dirt to the western side of the church’s slab to fill in a gully caused by gutter spillover. More dirt will be brought to the site, and a tarp laid down as a stopgap remedy. A new refrigerator was purchased from John’s Appliances with special donations and the old one has been hauled away.
Attic stairs: Donna moved that we spend up to $300 to purchase a multi-function ladder to give us safer access to the attic than our cumbersome pull-down staircase. Approved on a voice vote. Char noted one outside light and one office light need replacing.
SOCIAL DIRECTOR: Bryan noted April 25 will be his last regular attendance at worship for a while as he gets resettled in Orlando. At his suggestion, the board tabled plans for a June 5 yard sale and a June 13 raffle. A proposal for a joint memorial service May 29 for four deceased members was moved back to June to allow more time for gauging family interest.; the annual memorial tribute for all deceased members will take place during service May 30. A plan for an outdoor craft fair has been postponed until October; Char said Sharron is working on it.
PASTORAL SEARCH – Rev. Donna, as requested, submitted a written copy of the terms the board approved for her services as interim pastor. Dave moved that the Search Committee remain in recess until the November board meeting. Interim Pastor Rev. Donna will continue leading worship through the summer. Bryan seconded the motion. Approved on a voice vote with Rev. Donna abstaining. With Bryan’s departure, the Search Committee consists of Dave (who will on vacation in Michigan through the summer), Sharron Mitchell and Russell Van Allen.
RESIGNATIONS – Dennis Brooks submitted a written resignation as president, stating the time was right, now that we have regained pastoral leadership again and have made it through the worst of the pandemic. Bryan Poaches submitted his resignation as social director, citing his impending relocation to Orlando. Tom moved that the board accept both resignations with regret and deep gratitude for jobs well done. Rev. Donna seconded, accepted on a voice vote.
BOARD VACANCIES – There was general discussion of how the board will function with three vacancies. Charlene noted Dennis has briefed her on taking over most of his duties, and Rev. Donna will generate PowerPoint files to guide the worship services (slide shows displaying prayers, Scripture, sermon topic and music videos). All board members and other volunteers will help Treasurer Judi with property management tasks. Tom moved that the board invite Sharron Mitchell, our kitchen manager, to take on social director duties as a non-voting member until the 2022 Annual Meeting. Approved by a voice vote.
SUCCESSOR CORPORATION – The church’s present bylaws designate Halifax Urban Ministries (HUM) as the inheritor of the church’s assets if New Church Family members ever voted to disband. Charlene informed the board that another non-profit, DeLand Pride, has asked to be considered as our successor in the event we decide to sever ties with HUM. Tom commented that he felt the request was tremendously premature – first, because the church is nowhere near the point of closing its doors, and, second, he was unaware of any reasons to question HUM’s performance. Charlene moved we table the discussion pending further research.
OUTREACH – Board members noted there has been favorable reaction to our efforts to broadcast our services in live time thru Facebook Live. There was a consensus to continue the effort with volunteers, and to acquire a second tripod to hold a cellphone camera.
MEETING -- With pending changes in board leadership, Charlene moved we waive a monthly meeting in May and schedule the next board meeting for June 6. Approved by a voice vote.
Rev. Donna offered a closing prayer and meeting adjourned 1:58 p.m.

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