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This text incorporates amendments approved at the August 8 board meeting.)

Present – Board Members: Charlene Rywant, Judi Omelia, Tom Brown, Rev. Donna Choate. Observers: Sharron Mitchell, Pam Ware, Linda MacMahan; Tom C.

Call to order: President Charlene called the meeting to order in the Conference Room at 11:48 a.m. and led opening prayer. Agenda approved in a voice vote as submitted by Charlene; Minutes as submitted by Secretary Tom B. approved by voice vote.
REPORTS: Treasurer – Judi submitted reports for June and year to date. Overall, the operating fund has a YTD deficit of $1,168.37, mainly reflecting a $1059 interim payment to IRS in an ongoing dispute about self-employment taxes. The church is challenging the IRS finding. Judi noted that an anonymous special gift covered nearly half the tax payment. Re the Benevolence Fund, Judi noted donations have totaled $557 over six months, while charitable gifts and expenses have totaled $315, leaving a June 30 balance of $242.

Pastor: Rev. Donna submitted a summary of her activities in June and YTD. She asked for clarification of when the church’s cell phone will be discontinued. Judi noted July will be the final month of service. As an FYI item, Donna’s report said she is still undecided about continuing as pastor, but, as of now, “I do not wish to seek the permanent pastor’s position at New Church Family.” She said she will update the board month to month on her plans.

Other reports: Charlene said a pump station maintenance project is slated for the fall, and the contractor has agreed to honor the $400 price negotiated last year. Plans are being made to deliver Pam & Linda’s gift of an extension ladder.

Social Director – Acting volunteer director Sharron recommended an outdoor craft show in our parking lot be scheduled for Oct. 23, after Biketoberfest is concluded. Outside crafters will be asked for donations for their table spaces. She recommended a church yard sale be postponed until March 19, 2022 with a rain date of March 26. Both projects approved by a voice vote.

NEW BUSINESS – Charlene reported she has contacted Christian singer-songwriter Marsha Stevens in Bradenton about giving a Saturday night concert at our church. The church would provide a love offering, plus $100 for the use of Marsha’s sound equipment plus an additional fee for a night’s stay at a motel. No date has been set yet. Tom moved approval of the terms; approved by a voice vote.

PROPOSED LGBTQ SOCIAL EVENING – Tom Brown and Tom C. proposed that the board let the NCF building be used for twice a week social gatherings for adults 18 and older, featuring assorted free films of special interest to lesbians, gay men, transgender people and their allies. Tom C. distributed an “On with the Show” outline proposing a Tuesday and Friday schedule, with Meet and Greet starting at 6 p.m., film at 7 and discussion and snacks at about 9 p.m. A male and female greeter would be at each screening, responsible for opening, closing and clean-up. The 2 Toms emphasized the project is in just in a preliminary phase, and more volunteers (4 so far) would be needed to work out details. Tom C. said there would be no expense to the church – he would back it financially for a six month experimental period. A launch date and film schedule has not been determined yet, but a rough target is to start around Labor Day or soon after. Tom C. asked the board to let the volunteers settle most details but to keep the board informed. Tom B. will be a liaison to the board. Tom C. suggested the group call itself “New Family” to help newcomers find the location but to avoid implying the project is sponsored by a church, since many LGBTQ people are alienated from organized religion. The hope is some attendees eventually would become interested in other NCF activities, including worship, Game Days, potlucks etc. Board members expressed support for the project but emphasized alcohol would not be allowed because of liability concerns. They also suggested scheduling be altered to take into account older people unable to drive at night. Board members further discussed the concept, pending a more detailed report on arrangements.

ADJOURN --  Meeting adjourned 2 p.m. Next meeting set for Aug. 8.

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